Digital Revenue Playbook Updates: 4/23/24

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Playbook Updates: It Takes Confidence to Sell Advertising

I’ve got a few updates to the Playbook for you this week, both courtesy of the Editor & Publisher in one way or another.

Confidence = Sales Success

I love this article on confidence and why it can be more critical for you to believe in your publication and the value of advertising for your potential clients.

30 (60?) Minute Guide to Digital Ad Sales

Despite its name, the webinar lasts a little over an hour, but if you don’t have much experience with digital ad sales, it could be an excellent way to get your feet wet with the idea. Kenny Katzgrau of Broadstreet Ads walks through the basics of ad sales—including how to avoid friction in the ad sales conversation—and then does some roleplaying with Annette Batson from Montclair Local.

If you’ve got an idea or tip for something I should include in the Playbook, let me know: [email protected].