Digital Revenue Playbook Updates: 4/16/24

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Playbook Updates: CTAs, Local Newsletter Revenue Success

Got a few updates to the Playbook for you this week:

Calls To Action

While I disagree with them that the plural of “call to action” is “call to actions” (Love you, RJI!) I added this article from the Reynolds Institute to the “email list building” card because it’s pretty awesome. It has ideas about how to swap out your CTAs regularly and grow conversion. Cool stuff.

Ads + True Fans = Newsletter Success

I added a link to this story and podcast about the Naptown Scoop, a daily newsletter making about $200k for its producer and a small staff in Annapolis. The newsletter doesn’t do much hard news, but it reminds me of the alt-weekly approach to building a loyal following through personality, live music listings and relevant advertisers.

Great Ideas for Converting Newsletter Readers into True Fans

I was working on a LION audit when I came across Dan Oshinsky’s super-post about turning newsletter readers into paid supporters, so I dropped a link in the Playbook. Something tells me this won’t be the only Inbox Collective link I add, although I will try to contain myself.

Do you have anything you’d like me to chase down or add to the Playbook? Got a topic I should cover in more detail?

Let me know: [email protected].